Why Meditation Is Important for Mental Health & Fitness?

Why Meditation Is Important for Mental Health & Fitness?

Why Meditation Is Important for Mental Health & Fitness?

There is an old saying, “If you lose your wealth, you haven’t lost anything, but if you lose your health, you have lost your everything.” Right here we know the topic of our discussion. Just to be specific, not only health but mental health to be precise.

This quote in itself explains the importance of health in our life. There is no life without health. So, should there even be a question about health in life? But aren’t these things the same that we have heard for years and years? Well, there is only one reason behind this. The listener not paying enough attention. We have heard this all through our life, yet we forget to include all the things required to maintain good health in our lifestyle. The fact that we forget about our health says a lot about how humans now consider themselves as their last priority.

While we talk about our overall health, it is important to notice that overall health indicates not just the external care of the body but also the internal care. Taking care of your soul, your mental health is just as important as taking care of your body. In our busy routines, we tend to forget that the only key to a successful lifestyle is a sound mind. In the year 2020, mental health came up as a concept in the minds of the commoners. We do not intend to put forward in any manner that mental health as a concept did not exist before 2020. But it is a fact that the majority of the public considered mental health as a taboo until last year. Even now, there are plenty of people who continue to have faith in the same belief about mental health.

Here, exactly why the question arises :

Why Is Mental Health Important?

Do We Need To Pay Attention To Our Mental Health?

Is Mental Health Gaining Such Importance Now?

It is a matter of fact, every bad thing does have something good within it. All it takes is some effort from our side. And recognize the one good thing hidden under the bad layers. We all have heard enough about the 2020 COVID pandemic hitting us hard. We have heard all the positive news and the negative news about it. It’s the only hot topic of discussion everywhere. There are times when we want to escape reality and hide in a place where COVID does not exist. But we all know that that is not possible. The only place where we can find ourselves safe along with our families is in our fantasy lands. Everyone wants a positive turn now. The virus hit us in the middle of our lives. No one was prepared for it.

But the only silver lining that the COVID pandemic has brought with it is isolation. Yes, you read it right. We are here talking about isolation as an advantage. The only reason behind this would be that isolation came along with many realizations. The realization of how important people are to us. The realization of the value of touch. However, the realization about who is going to be with us in the end. And this very realization hit us hard.

The Realization About The Importance Of Mental Health

It made us all realize in a month that the only person who’s going to be by your side in your toughest times is no one else but you. And that’s when the last and most important realization hit rock bottom. It is a fact that even when alone, our thoughts are with us. And these thoughts speak nothing but everything about our mental health. And mental health is the king here. Because if your mind once decides to lose hope, then no medicine in the world can save you.

But on the other hand, if your mind decides to fight, to survive and work towards betterment, then no disease in the world can take you down. It’s all about mental health. We decide the result of a game in our head first. And then in reality. And trust us with our words; life is no less than a game.

We determine this wellness of the mind and express it as our mental health. A sound mind and a well-functioning body can promise overall wellness. This game-changer of mind and mental health needs up-to-date care to function well. Through the years, we have known several exercises that help one to maintain their physical body. With the evolution of medicine, not just exercises but also diet plans and nutritionists have come forward to help people maintain good physical health. In the same way, some helpful tools help you maintain your mental health. But out of the many options for mental health, yoga seems to top all the others.

Yoga Is Mental Health’s Bestie

Yoga in itself is very helpful in maintaining a peaceful state of mind. But when talking in particular about mental health, there is always one thing that has proved to be the most useful. Yes, you guessed it right. It is nothing else but Meditation. Meditation seems to have helped millions of people fight the toughest of diseases in their lifetimes. So, Meditation comes to use not just while fighting this kind of illness but also in real-life situations that seem to challenge one’s survival at times.

Meditation includes a variety of mental exercises that help you calm your mind instantly. The basic reason behind this would be how it engages all of your body while keeping it relaxed at the same time. Well, most of the other exercises tend to sweat you out, while yoga and Meditation, on the other hand, have the sole purpose of making you feel relaxed. When we dive deep into Meditation, we realize that it enriches not just different parts of our body but also has the power to reach every cell and strengthen them.

Another important reason that Meditation works wonderfully could be because most of the meditative techniques tend to help an individual control their breathing which in turn strengthens the individual’s immune system. Another important part of Meditation is the use of OMKARA. The OMKARAS are immensely powerful. They generate high vibrations. These vibrations have the power to activate different cells of the human body. They not just activate these cells but also stimulate them to work more efficiently.

Activation Of The Chakras Help In Mental Health Enhancement

As we dive deep into Meditation, we gain insights into the chakras present in our bodies. Each one of us has a total of seven chakras present in our bodies. Activation of these chakras helps us to strengthen our manifestations. Each chakra has a unique purpose in our life. With a strong meditative mind, one can work towards the manifestations of their dreams too.

Meditation and mental health become more important. It is the first step towards taking care of our innermost self. External care is taken with diet plans and other exercises. But in this busy life full of pollution and stressful situations all around us every day, it becomes necessary to practice Meditation regularly to handle all of this efficiently. Taking care of one’s mind and soul becomes immensely important to function as a successful human being in society because it is no secret that one cannot take care of others when they are incapable of taking care of themselves.

These times, it is due to mental health and the issues arising out of it that self-care and self-love have become important concepts. And all of self-care and self-love starts from taking care of one’s soul and mind in the deepest and purest form. And that is the reason everyone around the globe, not just India, highly bend over to the meditation technique.

Mental Health And Yoga Share History

Meditation and yoga seem to share a history of over 5000 years in our country. Our ancestors have been through huge problems with this technique at the tip of their hands. So it becomes important for us as knowledgeable and vigilant civilians and developed humankind to appreciate this art of Meditation. But appreciation in itself is not enough. Along with appreciation, what we need is the practice of the same in our daily lives. Making Meditation a habit will help us as humans handle stress, anxiety, and other major problems in our lives and provide mental health care.

It is extremely important to recognize this silver lining of Meditation in these stressful times of COVID because this is when we prove the power of our mind by strengthening it by regular practice of Meditation and defeating every problem that comes in our way. It is no secret that health is indeed the only wealth. It’s high time we change Dr BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR’s slogan, ‘Educate, organize, agitate into Meditate Meditate Meditate!