Why Is Mental Health A Topic Of discussion?

Why Is Mental Health A Topic Of discussion?

Why Is Mental Health A Topic Of discussion?

What Is Health?

Let’s talk about health first rather than mental health directly. Each one Of us would have a unique answer to this question. Now let’s add another question to this one.
What is your definition of healthy?

The probable answers would be. They do not have any diseases. Being able to eat anything and everything. A state where one can smoothly move from one place to another place. A condition wherein the body gets adapted to any climatic conditions quickly. There can be so many different answers to this. But there will always be one thing very common within these answers. People often think just about the body when asked about health—undoubtedly forgetting the part of their body that helps them think of an answer. It’s the mind.

Why Not Think About Mental Health Well Being Too

People never think of this as the question addressed to mental peace. There can be millions of reasons attached to this behavior. But there’s one reason which is the most prominent one. It is the way our society has brought us up. Throughout our life, people answer these questions in regards to their bodies. As a result, children pick up what they see. It is no secret that we got this habit from our elders. In addition to this, our society and especially the older generations avoid trying to talk about these problems. As a result, mental illness has become no less than a stigma.

What is Mental Health And Illness?

In a society wherein people don’t even speak about it, how can one expect those living within to know about the same. Mental illness is precisely an unfavorable psychological condition. It is usually determined by our emotional, sociological and psychological state. There is a necessity to treat it as a serious issue. It is in no manner less dangerous than a physical disease. The sooner we realize this, the better we can function. The only reason people are unaware of it is because of their unwillingness to speak about the same. Not discussing it earlier is the major reason why mental health is a topic of discussion. But this isn’t all. We want our readers to know in detail why it is necessary to talk about mental health. 

For Acceptance:

Due to the stigma related to mental health, people choose not to talk about it. As a result, this directly results in unawareness about an issue. As a result, individual suffering from a mental health illness has to go through a lot of pain and struggle. Because when one doesn’t know about the issue, how are they ever going to find a solution to it? We as a society have made a lot of mistakes. But not accepting mental health as an important issue is one of the biggest mistakes. Better late than never. It is time we step up and readily accept the truth. It will make a patient’s life easier and enhance the entire society’s well-being.

Mental Support And Care:

only after Acceptance can one expect understanding. If we as individuals understand that mental health is an important issue, we can develop solutions to help solve the same. By solve, we do not mean treating it. Because mental health professionals exist to help the patients with the same. Psychiatrists and psychologists have spent years getting the first-hand experience for the same. By solving all we mean, it’s to help the patient contact these mental health professionals.

To Avoid Negative Effects:

Inability to speak about one mental condition leads to suffocation within oneself. People cannot express what they are feeling. When people don’t have a listener, they feel unheard. As a result, they begin to think that no one cares about them. They move ahead to think that their existence doesn’t matter to anyone, which is quite the opposite of reality. The reality is that their family and their loved ones do care about them. But the above kind of thinking leads them to take steps that end their life. As a result, we have more than 90,000 young adults committing suicide every year. We need to stop this type of behavior. We need to speak up.

To Be A Good Human:

We all now have enough information to know about the harshness of mental illness. And as informed citizens, we need to step up, honestly, not just as citizens but merely as humans. All we need to do is accept and be kind. You never know what condition a person is talking to you is going through. So being kind and polite is important. But what is even more important is to have an open mind. Such that anyone around you feeling uneasy can think of you as a person to open up. If we don’t lend each other a helping hand, no one else will. The basic definition of humanity is to be there for others.

Be Human

With time, the number of mental illness cases is increasing. They can be two reasons behind this. The first one is people becoming more and more open-minded day by day. With more information available, people are now confident enough to come out and accept mental illnesses. The second reason could be the emotional distance that people have these days. With passing time, we are becoming more and more self-oriented. It has many advantages, but one of its biggest curses is not being able to speak up. COVID-19 and the isolation it brings is another reason the cases have speed up. We request you to be kind to others and yourself but, most importantly, be human!