Which Books Are Recommended To Enhance Mental Health?

Which Books Are Recommended To Enhance Mental Health?

Which Books Are Recommended To Enhance Mental Health

Books And Mental Health?

Before getting to books , let’s look at this. Mental health is a critical issue. But we as a society have failed to address it like one. The mental health circle needs the most support and recognition to help it work better. It will, in turn, help run our lives quickly. We all need to work on the terms of humanity towards this cause. Because having mental health issues is a big issue. The reason behind this is the difficulty level it places in front of you. We know they said that physical problems at no less dangerous than mental issues. But you can fight a physical case only when you have the mental strength to do so for stuff, so think about it; when you messed things up on the mental level, how difficult would it be to get back.

It can be difficult but not impossible. We are stronger humans, and we can fight it and help others around us survive through these issues. We need people around us to understand what mental health problems are. There are a lot of ways one can use to cope with it. No doubt, the most appropriate way is to visit a psychologist and a psychiatrist and get proper treatment. The other tips are always add ons and not a replacement for the doctor.

Some Other Options

One can try but at the same yoga. To be precise, try and practice meditation every day. Meditation helps calm your mind and your anxiety. It can give you time to think correctly and in the right direction. It is essential to learn the yoga asanas and proper meditation under a well-trained yoga teacher even while doing so. Not only this, one can even try music. If you want to know how music can help with mental illness, you should read our article previously posted about music and its benefits to mental health.

Among the other ways, some book recommendations prove to be helpful to mental health patients because books give us time to go through the content and feel it in our way. Because while watching movies, it is the characters playing the game. But while reading a book, our mind has all the power to imagine things in our way. We can use the characters and stories resting behind in our heads and positively use them while reading books. This is the reason why reading books proves to be one of the most valuable ways. So here are certain books that can help people who have a mental illness.

Let’s Have A Look At Them :

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone:

The subtitle of the book says a therapist, her therapist and our lives revealed. Lori Gottlieb Wrote this beautiful book. This book talks about the therapy world. It gives you insights into what would be going through mine when therapy is going on. It is exciting to read and get to know about the other side of treatment. Because in all movies and books, we have read only the patient’s side.

(Don’t) Call Me Crazy

Kelly Jensen is the author of this book. While talking about the book, it says 33 voices start the conversation about mental health. It is a book very similar to this article. It talks about the problems that exist and is faced by people in the mental health world.

Furiously Happy

This book is subtitled as a funny book about horrible things. In this book, Jenny Lawson talks about her lifelong journey with mental health problems, especially depression. To give some information about her, she narrates these issues as she experienced them being a journalist. But the most beautiful part is that the topics are described funnily.

The Happiness Trap.

The title of the book is enough to track the reader towards it. Even the subtitle suggests something similar. It says how to stop struggling and start living a guide to action. Russ Harris has done an excellent job talking about how we have become as a society. The book talks about the gap that has been formed between the life of our dreams and the actual reality.

An Unquiet Mind

This book is subtitled as a memoir of moods and madness. The subtitle explains what Kay Redfield Jamison has written in the book. The book revolves around bipolar disorder. And this very disorder is defined from the perspective office psychologist who’s a patient of the disease. Doesn’t it seem attractive? An unquiet mind is regarded as one of the most beautiful pieces written on this topic. We suppose you would like to give it a try.

For Everyone

These books can promise nothing else but knowledge and Wellness. one thing assured that readers could not have any side effects. So you will always gain some understanding, and maybe they can help to shape your mind in a better way. These books are not just for people suffering from mental illnesses. Anyone and everyone should read these books to gain insights into the world of mental illness. Only then can one get to know about the problems and how one can help as a human. And people associated with the field of psychology should read this book settings once in a lifetime to see if there are some changes needed in the behavior they are already practicing.

While mental health is not spoken about, people are highly illiterate about this issue. As a result, they behave in manners that can harm no one suffering from it. If you have the privilege to read books about these issues and get even 1% knowledge about them, you have done your work as a human. So we would urge you to read these books and recommend them to people around you to make this society a better one!