How Can One Include Yoga In A Busy Schedule?

How Can One Include Yoga In A Busy Schedule?

How Can One Include Yoga In A Busy Schedule

But Why Busy Days?

Yoga in a busy schedule seems like a joke right now. But wait as we get to the point. Life has just become a Monday feeling nowadays. You might ask what that Monday feeling is. The Monday feeling is this sense to avoid the future that is coming. The feeling wherein you want to run away from the day or the hour is about to show up. The primary reason for this is The responsibilities that the Monday feeling brings with it. There’s no science behind calling it the Monday feeling. It is the feeling each one of us gets on Sunday night. The exact moment where we realize the weekend is over and we are not ready to face busy Monday and wake up early morning.

Every Monday brings with it that very avoidance in our hearts. We are not ready to work in the same way for another week. It is how life has just become these days. There’s no other word for it but boring. And well, not just dull but also busy. But this boringness is because we are missing something that we would like to have in our schedule. Something that we can look forward to every Monday or maybe every day of the week. Something that makes our heart pounce with excitement just like it does on some other day where we have to wake up to go to the airport or for a picnic.

How Can Yoga Help?

 Only with some physical exercise can bring refreshment. It can be anything: heavy workouts, dancing, or even yoga. But here, the question arises. But we don’t have time for all this. How are we supposed to practice even any one of these in our daily schedule? Well, it’s not that tough. It only takes some consistency and an attitude where you are not willing to give up at any cost. It is the only thing that can work as a motivation. This motivation is what can make your heart bounce with excitement and help you wake up early morning with pleasure and not stress.

The only thing you need to gather is this very motivation. Because we will handle everything else, you must ask why? The only reason for this would be love for our readers. Because without you, we are nothing. So it becomes part of our duty to take care of your health and your happiness, too. Well, we are not going to discuss dance or heavy workouts right now. But we would want to be talking about yoga.

So, here are specific yoga poses that one can practice even after having a busy schedule:

– Padmasana :

Padmasana is supposedly one of the most accessible poses in the yoga world. A plus One for the amount of time that it requires for the regular practice of this pose. One can get done with this pose within 5 minutes or maybe even less than it. You can do it not only in your home but also while you are at your office. You need four to five feet of distance around all your sides and five minutes to practice this pose. All you’ve got to do is sit down and put your left leg on the good lap and vice versa. The pose helps open up the hips, thighs, and inner muscles. It can seem to be difficult at the start. It provides so much rest to the body that one can even get addicted to this post with time.

– Uttanasana:

Talking about poses from the yoga world, the posture should always come second because it requires nothing but to stand in your place and practice the pose. All you’ve got to do is stand straight with both your feet touching each other. Keeping in mind is always to keep the knees straight without even having a minor bend. The next thing you’ve got to do is bend forward with your hands straight. Now you have to try to touch your head to your calf muscles. Again, this might not seem easy towards the start. But once you get in practice with this pose seems to be the easiest and provides way too much comfort.

-The butterfly pose

This pose needs less than two minutes to practice. All you’ve got to do is sit down with your back straight. Next, you need to make sure both the soles touch each other and join each other. You can try holding them together with your hands. the next thing is to move slowly up and down in both directions respectively as much as you can. Let it be wholly but slowly. All this while keeping in mind to not have a bend in your back. Doing this helps a lot to help relax the pelvic muscles and your inner thighs. Not just relaxation, but it also helps to tone the inner thighs better.

– Vajrasana :

We have got another pose that you can practice outside your house. You can try this pose at work or even when you’re traveling because all you need is the space that you sit. No need for extra space too. You have to kneel first and then sit down in the same way while having your legs bent. It can result in some pain and strain on the calf muscles and ankle in the starting days. But the primary use of this pose is to help with digestion. As a result, you can practice this pose early morning while you leave for work and after having one of your meals or even while traveling.

– Savasana :

You only need three to four minutes to practice this last pose in your busy schedule. For this, you need to do nothing. Yes, you heard it right. It would help if you did nothing, for all you have to do is lie down on your back and relax. Just make sure that you have your eyes closed and all parts of your body are completely in a relaxed position. You can even call this meditation but in a sleeping pose. It helps regenerate good energy and positive vibes as it provides immense relaxation to each cell of your body. This vital energy is all you need to start a new week or a new day and seize it.