Which Are The Top 5 Yoga Asanas You can Practice At Home?

Which Are The Top 5 Yoga Asanas You can Practice At Home?

Which Are The Top 5 Yoga Asanas You can Practice At Home?

Can You Practice Yoga Asanas At Home?

India and yoga share a history of over 5000 years.No doubt yoga has its roots deep into our history. And it is one of the most important secrets that helped other ancestors live a long and healthy life. So, do we even need to write about the effectiveness of yoga? The previous generations used to go on wars and yet remain fit and fine by doing yoga asanas. If we move a step deeper, The old caveman used to have a raw diet but could yet maintain a good digestive system. What else than yoga do you think is the secret behind this?

Current Times Here We Come

Coming back to our age of celebrities and influencers ruling the world. At this age too, who do you admire the most? All of us admire only the fit and fine ones. Charles Darwin did not lie when he said, only the fittest will survive. Yoga not only helps you to be fit. But also be a step ahead of others.

And if one wants to talk about the most recent times, we can talk about the COVID pandemic running around. What do you think has saved some of the people from this pandemic who has reached every corner of the world? It is the practice of yoga that goes deep into not just survival but also extra health benefits.

So talking about yoga and COVID  together brings us to our next important question.

Which Would Be, But How Can One Practice Yoga Sitting At Home?

So, the only thing you’ve got to do is motivate yourself to practice yoga. Because we are here to help You out of this great confusion. We are here with five yoga asanas That you can simply Practice at the comfort of your home.
Need not worry, even beginers can try the following asanas . In addition to that, people of any age can practise these yoga asanas. But one always needs to see if they have any other additional problems, be it knees, back or any other major surgery, before practising yoga asanas.

But doctor First

It is always good to consult the doctor before trying anything new. One more important thing that you need to take care of is never to practice yogasanas post meals. One should practice yoga asanas early in the morning, empty stomach. But in case you have a busy morning routine, you can always opt for evening or any other time. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to practice the yogasanas at the gap of at least two hours post-meal.

Let’s Get Started With Five Yoga Asanas You Can Easily Practice At Home.

1.     Padma Asana

Padma asana is the simplest of all the asanas. But simple never states that the Asana would not be beneficial. Padma asana is one yoga asana that promises immense benefits while being simple. Padma asana provides a stretch to the inner thighs and the muscles of your body. To be specific, the muscles of your spine and leg. One benefit that goes way deeper would be to the digestive system of the body. Padma asana also eases the blood circulation of our body greatly. And also the digestion process. A stretch to the inner thighs also means opening up the legs and the pelvis, and even the hips.

2.     Pranayama

Yoga helps soothe the mind and the body. All the other workouts make you sweat. Yoga helps you burn fats and helps you be relaxed. Pranayama helps you to control your breathing levels. And controlled breathing can help solve every problem of the body. Talking especially about this pandemic, having your breathing under control helps your entire life under control. Another benefit of this Asana would be that any person can easily do this Asana without any pain.

3.     Chakrasana

The chakrasana, also called as the bridge pose or the wheel pose. This Asana helps to strengthen the core of the body In its totality. Not just the core but also to strengthen the forearms and ease the muscles Inside. Further, It helps to ease the blood circulation throughout the body. Doing this exercise regularly helps strengthen the core and gives a regular stretch that is a basic necessity of the human body. One thing to keep in mind while doing chakrasana is that not everyone might do it on the first attempt. But always remember that following the correct steps and regular practice will give promising results. Many variations of chakrasana do exist indifferent parts of the world.

4.     Vajrasana

Yes, we did mention never practice yoga asanas post meal hours. But doesn’t everything in this world has an exception to it? The same goes for yoga.We have one exception. The name of this exception in the yoga world is Vajrasana. You should always practise the Vajrayana pose immediately after your meal. The basic reason behind this is the effectiveness of this pose. Vajrasana eases the digestive process ten times and help build a better immune system. And we suppose the readers are insightful enough to know the benefits of a good immune system. So, we recommend that even while you’re reading this article, maybe read it while practising the pose of Vajrasana.

5.     Savasana

Now here comes the all-time favourite pose of the yoga practitioners. The yoga world believes that after all you have done while doing yoga, the one thing that you need to know is to listen to your body. And listening to your body calls for relaxation after every heavy workout. And trust us, these simple yoga poses tend to affect a lot of body parts resulting in the formation of stress throughout the body. Savasana is the relaxation pose. You simply lay down on their back and relax every part of their body, including their mind. Always practice savasana at the end of the entire yoga session. .

Practise For You And Us

We suppose, you can practise these five yogasanas at the ease of your home. But what we also recommend is always try these asanas for the first time under the supervision of a yoga expert. Because yoga has the ultimate aim of benefiting your body, so, we wouldn’t intend to provide Any harm in any form to our dear readers.
We hope that this article helps you understand that you can still do a lot of things sitting at your home. And we would always love to see our dear readers in the Pink of health. So we would request you to start practising these yoga asanas and not just read once but be a permanent member of our healthy family!