What’s One Secret That Treats Multiple Illnesses At Once?

What’s One Secret That Treats Multiple Illnesses At Once?

What's One Secret That Treats Multiple Illnesses At Once

What Secret Are We Talking About ?

Doesn’t this sound funny? Can there be one Secret to multiple problems? To your surprise, yes! There is a secret. It has the power and strength to treat multiple illnesses at a time. Can you guess anyhow what this could be? The secret is yoga!

India shares a Long history with yoga. The importance of yoga has been stated in the Vedas too. It is a matter of the fact that yoga has a history of over 5000 years. Yoga is more like the eight wonder . The changes are visible enough. If there is one form of exercise that has stayed through years, that will be yoga. Yoga was originally known as ‘yoga. In ancient times, sages practiced yoga on a regular basis. This was a simple way to stay healthy. Majority of people who didn’t contract the virus had one thing in common. It is yoga.

Yoga In Recent Times

Who do you think is admired the most in the 21st century? It is the celebrities. One basic reason that a lot of people love them is their fit body and glowing skin. What do you think is the Secret behind this? Do they use a lot of products for skin? No. well, there can be two answers here. Many people say that even a workout can help one achieve a fit body. Yoga is essential to have glowing skin . The basic reason behind this is the power that yoga holds. Every yogasana has the power to rejuvenate the cells inside the skin. And this is the basic necessity to have healthy and glowing skin.

Now, this is just the talk about the external body. What about the internal body? The wonders that yoga does to your skin are no secret. It helps your body and mind to relax. Meditation helps to treat many mental illnesses. Stress, depression and anxiety are some of the things that meditation helps. There is much more yoga cures. Yoga can do wonders for certain chronic diseases too. The diseases include:

   1. Diabetes:

Diabetes is a result of unhealthy sugar levels. 60% of people over the globe have diabetes. To be specific, 77 million people in India have diabetes. This score stands as the second-highest number of diabetics in the world. A lot of doctors recommend several remedies to cure this disease. No doubt all their medicines are extremely important. We do not suggest to stop taking medicines at any point. Practicing simple yoga asanas can benefit tremendously. Regular yoga practice can help keep the sugar levels in the blood under control. One of the most suggested yoga asanas for diabetics is the triangle pose. It is a simple pose with immense benefits.


Asthma is a breathing issue very common in people these days. Reports suggest that India has a population of billions. And in this population, about every 6% of children. 2% of adults in India have the disease. One in every ten patients with asthma around the globe is from India. This number is genuinely bad. Yoga is a solution here too. Yoga helps with breathing exercises. one of the major breathing exercises is pranayama. Regular practice of pranayama helps to keep one’s breathing under control and to avoid frequent asthma attacks.


Mental illnesses are as important and dangerous as physical diseases. Many of these issues are spreading rapidly throughout the world. One of them is depression. Top reasons for rising cases is the pandemic. The reason behind this is home isolation. Around 43% of Indians are said to have depression. Yoga comes to the rescue again. Meditation can work as a miracle here. If done regularly and efficiently, it can even help people taking sleeping pills and antidepressants.

   4. Arthritis:

Arthritis is an Issue related to the joints. To be precise, joint pain is a result of arthritis. Reports reveal that India holds 15% to 17% of the population with arthritis. Regular practice works as a relatively durable cure. Many yoga asanas can help with the same. Suryanamaskar works best for arthritis patients. 

 5. Liver Problems:

Among other problems, problems within the internal organs prove to be lethal sometimes. The liver is one such internal organ. Some basics from the yoga world that can keep the liver healthy. One such pose is the bridge post, better known as chakrasana. One such pose is marjarasan. This pose is better known as the cat pose. The poses help improve the blood flow throughout. Blood circulation in abdomen is improved greatly.
These are just the top five diseases that yoga helps. Some other diseases yoga can help with include:

  • Lower back pain
  •       Muscle pain
  •       Stress
  •       Anxiety
  •     Hypertension
Make This Secret A Routine

The list is unending. Yoga helps with most diseases. You need to include yoga in routine life. Regular yoga helps to avoid above mentioned diseases. It will even provide extra health benefits. One can even achieve the aim of having a fit body, glowing skin and beautiful hair with yoga. We hope you use these tips in your regular life.

It is important to be regular with all of these yoga asanas. There is no age limit to practice any of these yoga asanas. One can practice any of these asanas at the comfort of their home. It is recommended first to learn these under a trained yoga teacher. Practicing yoga might seem difficult towards the start. With time, it is supposed to benefit more and more. Dear readers,have patience and be regular!