What Was Our Ancestors’ Secret To A Long Life?

What Was Our Ancestors’ Secret To A Long Life?

What Was Our Ancestors' Secret To A Long Life

What Did Our Ancestors Hide?

We will talk about our ancestors but first, look at this. What is our life? Early morning with a busy routine. Further, we move ahead to have an entire busy day. At times we are even willing to sacrifice some parts of our night for work. Then let’s get to the weekends. At times we’re eager to get away with the weekend too. Why do we make such great sacrifices? What is the ultimate aim of this life? What is that one thing that we are making our lives so colourless for it?

At times we don’t even have an answer for it. One of the reasons behind the speechlessness could be being unaware of the goals. We live this way because this is what we have seen through our lives. Because this is what our society and parents have taught us about how life should be or how life would turn out to be. And these teachings have been imprinted in our brains so well that we tend to think that no matter what we do, we will always end up like this. And trust us, your brain has the power to manifest things that you say. As a result, whenever these things are repeated, their chances of becoming a reality increase step by step.

Change The Mentality

But with this mentality, what we forget is to live life. The teachings of how life is supposed to be or how it will be pressure our minds so much that we cannot think beyond this. We tend to forget that there can be a question about how life can turn out to be. Because the future is indeed uncertain, no one can promise any of it.No one knows what’s going to happen next. So why stop living until then. This talk was critical because while we have a long life, we forget about living it fully. Rajesh Khanna emphasized the same thing in the movie Anand. We all remember his lines, “ Babumoshai, zindagi Lambi nahi badi honi chahiye!”

I am so coming back to the physical life. We all work for our life to be better. One works for more money. This money is for nothing else but living a luxurious life and a long one. But no amount of money can promise a long life. All it can promise is some more amenities and medications to the most. So what is it that can help us ensure at least a better average Life expectancy? Because there has to be something, Some secret that our ancestors used to live a lot more then what people do these days. There is no doubt there is a result of pollution and increasing toxicants around, but still, there must be some secret.

The Answer Is Here

Well, that is undoubtedly one secret that helped our ancestors A lot. But to be completely frank, it isn’t much of a mystery. We have known about it for years and years. Not just learned, but we have even seen people use this secret in their daily lives. But then why is it that we haven’t applied it to our everyday life? Why wouldn’t we want to have this secret in our lives? We do enjoy a long life.

All of us want a long and healthy life. And not just for us but also for our loved ones. But the fact is that we are willing to pay millions and millions to know the secret. But we cannot spend even half an hour teaching that one secret in our daily life regularly. Most people haven’t been able to take the benefit of this secret is procrastination. We lack the willingness of being consistent. As soon as we reveal the unknown, you would understand why are we talking about procrastination and inconsistency here. Don’t worry; we won’t make you wait anymore.

Our Ancestors Were Disciplined

So, let’s get straight to what this secret to a healthy and long life is. The secret is nothing else but yoga. Now, do you get every sentence that has been mentioned above? We all knew about this for years and years. We have seen our elders and many people around us practice it regularly. But we do not have that spirit within us to practice yoga daily. Why so? We tend to practice so much of it on the days we are excited about being healthy. But as a result of this, we strain our bodies so much that the other day we cannot even practice one yogasana.

So, what is more important is to pay attention to how one must practice yoga. The first and foremost thing is to go to a trained yoga teacher. And wait, before you start talking about COVID, we already have the answers here. No, COVID doesn’t stop you from learning yoga. Our entire education system has shifted online. It’s not that, even people have started working from home. So how did he even think that you cannot train yourself under the proper yoga teacher from the comfort of your house?

Always Take Care

There are a lot of yoga teachers who take online classes As per patches. And these batches are according to your age, sex and time preferences. It leaves you with literally no excuse not to practice yoga regularly. All you need to do is learn slowly and steadily and not leave the practice once the learning is done. For this, we need to have a genuine realization. A realization that life really won’t be the same if you decide to change it.

Trust us, these little things, the minor changes in your daily life, can help you move far ahead in totality. There’s a lot that needs to be changed. It would help if you try and change your diet towards healthy food. And it would be best if you changed your sleep schedule. No, you don’t need to change it entirely but alter it to the correct timings. You don’t need to have a strict diet, but you need to have your meals at proper timings. Just doing these things will help you move far ahead of people of your age. Our ancestors can never be wrong.