What Comes Under The Mental Health Parameter?

What Comes Under The Mental Health Parameter?

What Comes Under The Mental Health Parameter

Indian Society And Mental Health

Let’s see mental health through an Indian lens. Indian society has been orthodox for ages. People around the world recognize Indian society as the most orthodox society they have ever seen. They use the term called “desi” to identify people from India. There’s no shame in being recognized as desi. But there is some shame when people call you backward. And we cannot, as Indians, deny this term because we are backward in terms of thoughts. There can be no arguments over the fact that Indians have been orthodox about some things for ages. Indians are going to take a lot of time to overcome this Backwardness.

These thoughts are about a lot of things. It is about giving women freedom. Freedom is related to many things. Women in the old times, in fact, even in the current times, aren’t allowed to move according to their wish. And not eat or even dress up according to their desire. They have to follow the patriarchal system that has been going on for years and years. The newly educated girls who try to break this traditional system are punished.

There are so many orthodox thoughts Attached to menstruation in Indian households. It is considered something that makes a woman impure. Some other taboos are about intercaste marriages, interreligious marriages. Same-sex marriages and a lot of things are considered to be expected and legal throughout the world. These are still regarded as illegal according to the eyes of society. To be precise, not just society but the Indian society in particular.

The Taboos

One of these many taboos has been the one about mental health. People refrain from talking about mental health. Sometimes to avoid the term, then society likes to call people crazy or mad. They use derogatory terms to address people having mental health issues. It is harmful to the person suffering from any mental health issue and society as a whole. Humanity is entering or maybe has been a part of stagnant systems through years and years. This needs to change. We need to speak about mental health openly. Because mental health is not a joke or a prank, it is as much of an illness as a physical disease.

What we need to do is address it as a medical problem. But what we have ended up doing as a society is considering a social problem. Mental health is not a social issue. There have been letters and letters penned to clarify this. But the clarifications can only be made when the readers are educated enough to understand the meaning behind the words because education doesn’t just come from learning and getting degrees. Education comes from respecting people around you, be it a woman or child or people from any other caste. Just like them, even a person suffering from mental health deserves equal respect.

Talk About It More

People don’t know what comes under mental health. Do you think having major issues or reaching higher levels of diseases like schizophrenia can be considered mental health once in a blue moon? But this doesn’t seem right. It is something incredibly wrong to do as humans. We cannot call an individual’s problem non-existential because their problem is less than others around them. Every person’s problem is prominent. And we need to deal with it. No, you don’t have to do and everything to help them. All you have to do is support them and not use derogatory words and terms to bring their morale down.

The virus has done one good thing: it brings at least 2 to 3% of the rise in awareness about mental health. But this has come again by paying a high cost. Many patients have suffered from mental health issues as a result of the pandemic going throughout the world. This is nothing but a consequence of isolation. Not being able to speak up gives rise to mental issues. If this doesn’t explain society’s effect on an individual, we don’t know what will. Because when humanity doesn’t address mental health issues, it gives rise to the same kind of isolation that a person feels physically. Physical isolation and mental isolation have the same effect on an individual.

Isolation And Mental Health

People need to realize that isolation is not just about the space contains or the physical touch. Isolation is not being able to speak up. Isolation is the absence of listeners for what we have in our minds. At times people even lend an ear, but they fail to understand. They hear what the other person is saying, but they fail to listen. This is nothing else but isolation. All of this comes under the parameter of mental health. The way you treat others can have an immense effect on the other person’s mental health. And trust us, mental health is about to become the greatest of issues in the coming times if we don’t battle it together.

We need to come up as humans, not as people belonging to a caste, religion, race, or anything else. We need to move ahead as humans to fight this battle of mental illness and the stereotypes that we have created around it. The serial tests have been created by no one else but we humans ourselves. If we have developed this issue, we are the only ones who have to solve it .it is our responsibility to be kind to be polite to everyone. While we talk about being good, it doesn’t just get restricted to people who have a mental illness. Should apply the same behavior to every human around you, no matter their caste or class.

Mental Health Is Not A Joke

Because every word that we speak can change the life of the person standing in front of us. We never know what the other person is going through. And your one word or one sentence can destroy their life or ignite the match to erupt the volcano that they have been hiding within themselves for years. So please be kind and be human to other humans around us .because we all are coming from one origin, we will eventually go back to the same thing. So until then, give respect and see to it that you and people around you take a step to be human!