What Are Some Yoga Asana To Step Up Your Yoga Game?

What Are Some Yoga Asana To Step Up Your Yoga Game?

What Are Some Yoga Asana To Step Up Your Yoga Game?

Why Yoga?

Before we talk about how to step up yoga games, many people might ask why one should go for yoga rather than exercise? Because well practices promise better results within a short period, many people chose it as convenient. But yoga takes care of your physical health and takes care of your mental health at the same time. And suppose you have the patience and consistency to do it over some time. In that case, you will see how yoga benefits you externally and internally, no less than magic.

So it becomes essential to teach yoga in your regular life. To start with, one can start with the basic asanas and find more information about them. You can look out for articles under the yoga category on our website. All the arson, as mentioned there, can be practiced from the comfort of your home. Make sure that you are consistent in your efforts because joining yoga pants wouldn’t give you the expected results. Along with that, you need to provide it with time because you bubble show your results only with time, as we mentioned in the above paragraphs.

Why Step-Up Yoga Asana?

OK, let us try to explain to you the answer to this question with some common examples. After clear your first grade, why do you apply for the next step? Post completing your schooling, why do you apply for a college? after completing your college, why do you apply for a job? The answer to all of this is to develop and see growth in oneself. Because the change is going to help you one day or the other, precisely this is the reason why you need to step up your yoga asana game. Once you have learned the basics of yoga, try practicing them regularly. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stick in there.

Life should always be interesting.. and trust us learning new things brings immense joy to every human being. So it is always good to learn new yoga asanas to get to a good level of fitness through yoga. Because by stepping up your yoga came, you wouldn’t only become better at it, but also I’m a step closer to becoming a yoga trainer. Once you have mastered most of the acinus, you can go for a diploma in yoga and become a certified yoga teacher. Now that can be interesting. So let us help you with some of the yoga asanas that you can try to become advanced in this field.

Which Yoga Asana Help To Step Up Your Yoga Game?

So we have all heard about the basic yoga asana. Now to become better at it, here are two of the yoga asanas that you can practice at home:


Now, this is a bridge-like pause that you formed with your hands and legs being bent. All you have to do to practice this is stand straight and then start bending backward. Try to stretch a bit more every day. Once you have reached your optimum level, try to push your hand towards the ground. Try and try until your hand reaches the floor while bending backward. Once you get to the bottom, you have successfully performed the yoga pose, considered one of the advanced yoga poses.


Now, this post can be counted as something very similar to a headstand. But you can start practicing this most straightforwardly by sitting in vajrasana. If you don’t know what vajrasana is, it is simply to bend your knees And sit down on your ankle. Now we can start by placing your elbows and forums on the ground with your fist held together. As you progress, start taking some of your weight on your head. If you practice it consistently and regularly, you will be able to do a headstand very quickly!