What Are Some Remedies For Hair Growth?

What Are Some Remedies For Hair Growth?

What Are Some Remedies For Hair Growth

What’s The Reason Behind Hair Fall?

Run, run faster, and win the Race. Don’t worry, You are on the right article. We know you would have checked at least once that wasn’t this article about hair growth and not a  running race. but what we are talking About here is life in general. Hasn’t life become some sort of race? All we do is run. This has become more of a lifestyle. Each and every person you see around is in a hurry. Some want to get a train. Someone to get to the office on time. While others want to get somewhere in life. That was a big jump from train to life. But isn’t life all about this big jump?

What Is The Connection?

In order to get there, we all work through busy schedules. But what we forget is that a busy schedule brings with it some other problems. The topmost of these problems would be stress. Not getting enough rest would be one of the other major effects. All we want and care about is money. In all of this, we tend to forget about our health. At times we don’t even have proper food throughout the day. Do you think all of this doesn’t have any effect on your health? Unfortunately, it does. And your hair falls through all the seasons is one of the effects.

What you need is proper hair care. But what you don’t have is enough time for it. so we have brought some home remedies for you To help take care Of your beautiful hair. There is one thing that you need to keep in mind before trying these remedies. Always consult your doctor first. You can obviously take some time out for yourself and your body. Only after that should you try these tips for yourself.

Here we go:

1.A Variety Of Oils:

Sometimes, certain oils don’t suit all hair types. So what you need to do is change your hair oil. There are some recommended hair oils that prove to be beneficial to most of The hair types. One such suggestion would be using Castor oil. Castor oil works best for most hair types and helps to stop hair fall immediately. In addition to this, if applied regularly it helps to enhance hair growth and increase the thickness of hair strands. One can even try virgin coconut oil for the same. The effects are almost the same. the only different thing is virgin coconut oil can even be included in food items.


If none of the oils suit you, there’s still some hope. And that hope lies right in your kitchen in the vegetable section. The crybaby onion is your next remedy to try. Wait, you don’t have to use it directly on your head. the best thing to do is to crush the onion and take out some juice. You can use this onion oil directly on your head. The other thing you can do is mix it with your regular coconut oil. Take the mixture and heat it for a while. Then using a cotton swab dab the mixture onto your scalp lightly. Applying this mixture regularly an hour or two before your hair wash can be beneficial for your hair.

3.Fermented Rice Water:

Have you ever cooked rice? Don’t worry we aren’t here to have a look at your cooking skills. if you ever have, you might know the process very well. Before you heat the rice, you always wash the grains with fresh water two to three times. But then that very water is thrown away into the drain. Don’t waste that water next time. Take that water and store it in a cool and dry place for five to six hours. Only if you have noticed advertisements carefully, you would know most of the hair products contain fermented rice water. So why not use the most natural fermented rice water Prepared at your home?


The last remedy also requires you to run to the kitchen. You might be wondering why is this article more about running rather than hair care? We are extremely sorry for that. To be specific, this time you need to open the refrigerator. Take out some curd and an applicator. Let the curd come down to normal room temperature. Then slowly apply it to each and every single hair strand slowly. Let the pack set in your head for an hour or two. after that wash off your hair directly with plain water. following this simple procedure twice or thrice a week can do wonders for your hair. Curd not only helps with hair fall and hair growth but also helps enhance the shine and smoothness of your hair.

Now you don’t have any excuses. All of these remedies are the ones you can try at your home. To make it even simple, you can try them right in your kitchen. and these are normal items that won’t have any side effects on your hair. Although, if you feel any irritation after applying any of these mixtures, stop using them right there. We Have already mentioned consulting your doctor before using any of these. we wish you already hair care time!