What Are 5 Ayurvedic ways to deal with Psoriasis?

What Are 5 Ayurvedic ways to deal with Psoriasis?

What Are 5 Ayurvedic ways to deal with Psoriasis

Ayurveda Background :

India and Ayurveda share a connection that has its roots deep in history. Our ancestors have emphasized the usefulness of Ayurveda through the years. Not just Indians but people all over the world agree with this fact. Ayurveda Has been an essential part of our life in the past years for an important reason. It works very effectively when done regularly and correctly. Because things do have importance only when done correctly. Before we start with All the numerous ways to deal with Psoriasis, it is essential to know what it is in the first place.

We will know about what Psoriasis is as we move ahead in this article. But along with it, he must understand that all the diseases related to physical health can differ from person to person, and the symptoms might be somehow different for you from the person sitting next. So always make sure that you visit a doctor before starting with the ways to deal with it. Because doing so can harm your health if you do not have Psoriasis. not the ways that we have prescribed might be harmful to your health, but this is an in general instruction so at any health-related articles.

What Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin disease resulting in red, stiff, flaky patches on the skin. These are usually caused due to the excessive need to itch specific parts of the skin. And these patches of skin wouldn’t leave the other inner layers of your skin for a long time. Psoriasis is called a chronic disorder because of some such reasons. There is even a name for the patches formed on that most upper layer of your skin. These patches are incredibly thick. Most of the time, the colours that usually appear on your skin are dark pink or reddish, having silver-coloured scales on them. The name that these patches have is that they are sometimes called plaques.

. It results in a skin condition that is not easy to see. and even more difficult to bear on your skin. No, we do not wish to scare you in any manner, but you should know why there is a need to discuss it here. The reason that it can last for a lifetime is why you should switch to Ayurveda So that you can look out for solutions that last for a long time. Psoriasis can hurt a little but not so much that it drives your attention all the time. As a result, many people tend to not pay attention to it and move with their regular lives. But it is time that you all realize that skin diseases need to be treated on time.

How Do I Know That My Problem Is Psoriasis?

Now we did discuss many of the critical issues above, but this is even more important. Many of you might have the same question, which is put up next. And it’s not your fault because it is very human and pronounced of you to think of it. How do I know That I am suffering from Psoriasis? What are the different symptoms except for the red patches? Because these red patches can also be an example of minor allergies that happened on a day to day basis. These patches could be a reaction to those allergies. How should one be able to differentiate between Psoriasis and minor allergies?

Well, the answer to this is not much complicated. The reason it is not much complicated is that there is only one single answer for this. Not everything can be done at home because you and I are not an expert. And as we mentioned above, it is always good to go to the expert when we are in a dilemma. Because the experts know what the best is, this isn’t to be made. And here, when talking about health, the only expert that exists is the doctor. To be more precise, while talking about skin problems like Psoriasis, the foremost expert we have and you should turn to is a dermatologist.

Why choose Ayurveda?

It is always good to take proper medications for a disease. Especially when it is obvious enough to show up on the skin surface. The only issue is the side effects of medicines.

So, here are 5 of the most promising ways that help deal with Psoriasis:


Yes, you read it correctly. Run to the kitchen immediately. The healing capacities and usefulness of turmeric are no secret. The only thing you need to do is develop innovative ways to include turmeric in almost everything you cook. Not only eating but making a paste and applying it to the infected areas helps too.


Aloe Vera, as we know, helps in multiple ways again. One can apply it on the patches or mix it with other soothing materials. It is best recommended to use directly, but products with an Aloe percentage above 0.5% are recommended if that isn’t possible.

3) Meditation

Not many people know that one of the significant reasons for Psoriasis is stress and anxiety. It is observed that increased stress levels result in skin conditions like Psoriasis. Meditation is far known as one of the best remedies for keeping stress and anxiety under check. Some specific yoga asanas like “Pranayamas” can be a plus.

4) Bathing

Well, cleansing your skin honestly comes as the most obvious way to keep skin issues at bay. But what can be more helpful is having a few long baths can promise better results. Mixing turmeric in the water helps to a greater extent. Doing the same benefits not only soothes the skin but also soften and help with the itching.

5) Diet

Last but not least comes the diet. It is undeniable that what goes inside your body is bound to show up on the surface. The solution here can be to avoid foods with higher rates of carbohydrates and sugar. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid extremes, be it sugar, salt, or spice.

No one can promise the results but what we can do is try and help. We wish you Happy Healing!