Kapalbhati And Its Usefulness In Yoga

Kapalbhati And Its Usefulness In Yoga

Kapalbhati And Its Usefulness In Yoga

Breathing Exercises And Its Effect :

Breathing exercises help to keep the immune system more robust. Now this applies to everyday day life wherein having an excellent immune system it’s very beneficial. It does not just help to prevent any other new viral diseases from coming to you. It also helps to fight the ones that have entered your body already. But when talking about the current times, breathing exercises like kapalbhati prove to be extremely useful. As we know that the COVID-19 virus enters our body and harms us only through our immune system. so keeping the immune system strong should be over at most priority.

We as humans have been going through this pandemic for more than 15 months now. As it is served, we have read about most of the things that could be helpful. To keep the virus at bay by. As a result, most of us have an idea about the steps that can help us increase the immunity of our bodies. Once it’s a suggestion of the exports is exercise. To be precise, all the experts suggest that one should invest in breathing exercises majorly. kapalbhati is one such exercise that can help one keep the virus at bay and be healthy in regular life.

How Can One Practice Kapalbhati?

Now the next question emerging in the people’s minds would be that how can one practice kapalbhati? What are the tools and techniques to do it? Is there a specific place required to practice it? Well, the only answer to this is that all of this can be done by you in the comfort of your home. in case you haven’t learn how to do kapalbhati, you can do it now. Now we might have questions emerging about how can one learn kapalbhati at home? Well, as most things have transferred from their offline form to the online one, even yoga has.

You can find several certified yoga teachers teaching a lot of yoga exercises and kapalbhati online. In fact, by learning online, you can learn it with many benefits. The most important benefits include time and space. You can learn it at any time that is preferable to you while sitting at your home’s comfort. Trust us, kapalbhati is not very difficult to learn and practice if there is consistency and hard work to learn it. You will no doubt be an expert in the same within no time. So without wasting time, let’s get to the other points directly.

What Are The Steps To Do Kapalbhati?

Now that we know but why is it essential to practice kapalbhati in this environment. At this time now we move towards the steps to practice kapalbhati. So without wasting time, let us adjust the list down the steps and needed to be followed. the following are the steps for doing kapalbhati at home:

Environment :

The first step of kapalbhati is to look out for an environment in your home that is quiet and calm. It should be an environment without any noise disturbance to concentrate easily. one tip here is to look out for a place close to plants as they provide an immense amount of positivity.

A Comfortable Position:

The next thing that you must look out for is to sit in a comfortable position. it can be any asana like Sukhasana or padmasana.Being in a comfortable position is extremely important to perform the breathing exercise well.

Hand Placement :

Once you have a good environment and a comfortable position, you should move towards the next step. Hearing, you should take your left hand first and place it On your knees. Later, do the same with your right hand. Make sure both the palms of your hand are facing towards the ceiling.

Finger Placement :

The next thing you need to concentrate on is finger Placement. Now take the tips of your index fingers such that they touch the tips of your thumb. Even after doing so, the fingers and the tips should point towards the ceiling that is upwards.


The next thing you need to concentrate on is your breathing. Inhaler deep breath through your nostrils. as you move ahead, make sure that you focus on your stomach and belly region. Now when it’s time to excel, you need to concentrate on a few other things. These things include pulling your navel as much inside as much as possible. As a result of this, when you exile the breath, you might feel a little outburst.


When you do so at a higher speed, you will hear a hissing sound each time you exhale. Along with it, you should know that whenever you inhale, your stomach should come out. Yes, this is something very different from what we are thought regularly. And while you excelled, your stomach should move inwards. In addition to it, your eyes must remain closed with your back straight throughout the process.

What Is The Benefit Of Kapalbhati?

To receive all the excellent health benefits of kapalbhati, you should regularly practice twenty breaths of kapalbhati in the starting days. While talking about the benefits, kapalbhati has a list of them. The start with it helps reduce the level of carbon dioxide in your blood and increase the amount of oxygen in it. Now we all know how important this is for good health. In addition to it, it also increases the lung capacity and strengthens the stem against significant viruses. It also helps to refresh our brain and activate new brain cells for us to function more effectively.