How To Prepare Beforehand For The Third Wave?

How To Prepare Beforehand For The Third Wave?

How To Prepare Beforehand For The Third Wave?

The Third Wave And Its Preparation:

Third wave at the start sounds scary. Let’s look the other way round. How do conversations regularly start? The only answer to this would be By asking about each other’s regular activities. All of these common questions include the usual. Like how are you? What are you doing? Where are you? How is everyone? Things have changed dynamically in the recent past. All of these major changes took place in the historical month of March 2020. All of this changed. The only questions we have now are about the virus. And in the recent times about the third wave being on its way.

Everything we talk about revolves around this topic. It seems like people have no other topic of discussion left in their Worlds. Unfortunately, somewhere, this is the truth. The virus has disturbed people’s original lives. And the disturbance is not just about the change in the work routine. Or even about including other new habits. And not even about acceptance of the new normal. The disturbance is about the void. The void of losing a loved one.

No War At The Cost Of Family

People can bear the loss of anything. Only ifthey have their family alongside. If any war demands an individual’s family, it is the end. This disturbance is about grief. And this grief is transforms into craziness. And being completely honest, this craziness resulting in a rise of mental illnesses.

The only thing that can save us is Ourselves. Every Indian saw how horrific the first and second waves of this pandemic were. The human race is terrified. There is one lesson that we need to learn and make the changes. The lesson is to find out ways . We are not ready to go through a third wave of this life taking virus.

We are here with some ways to help you prepare beforehand for the third wave. To be precise, to prepare you through habits that can avoid the third wave.
1.     Take The Vaccination:

If there’s one thing in the world that can stop the spread of a disease, it is medicine. To be precise. It is the vaccine for the virus. The vaccine is the master that can save us. It is our priority as citizens to take the vaccine On the allocated slots. Senior citizens should be considered as a priority. Every senior citizen in your neighbourhood should get the vaccine. You should take your turn only after ensuring this. This is one way, you can help your nation fight this war against the virus.

2.     Look Out For Symptoms:

The second wave was more terrific in comparison to the first wave . There is one basic reason behind this. Ignoring ,I’d symptoms is one of the reasons. People all around the globe started believing one rumour. One can treat mild symptoms at home. And this very carelessness resulted in the second wave. To avoid the third wave, the best thing you can do is look out for symptoms. Do not wait. Visit the doctor beforehand. It is always better to treat yourself in the primary stages.

3.     Stay home:

What newspapers and the Internet around the world have found is disappointing. This disappointing truth is about behaviour postvaccination. After taking the vaccine, people seem to think that they are safe and can roam anywhere worldwide. You need to keep in mind is how important your loved ones are to you. Vaccinations strengthen your immune system. No vaccine guarantees that you won’t get COVID. Stop making your plans for hill stations and stay silently at home. Who said you couldn’t enjoy in isolation at home.

4.     Exercise:

Only the fittest will survive. It is the truth of the world currently. At most care of your health is important. Gym is not a necessity. Simple exercises are enough to keep you fit. And that too in the comfort of their home. One can practice yoga and meditation sitting in their living rooms. Yoga provides immense strength to your immune system. To get more information about yoga asanas one can practice at home, check out our other article.

5.     Diet:

We are all humans. Missing junk food is natural. We have spent 15 months devoid of it. The worry is that these 15 months can turn easily into 15 years. Let’s decrease that timing. Please have food prepared at home. Try to look out for healthy recipes. You can make this fun by having a healthy online recipe making competition with your friends. There are several ways by which you can make all of these things fun. The only thing important is healthy. Make sure that all you have is healthy. A protip would be to include a lot of vitamin C in all of your foods.
We have listed just five ways to prepare yourself. Trust us, many ways can improve the condition of the human race right now. The only thing we need is each other’s cooperation and consistency in The same. We together, as humans,  have faced way too many obstacles through ages. Corona is one such challenge. And like every other challenge, we will win this challenge too. The only thing we need is patience.
All we do is hope you follow these tips. We trust that you won’t let the third wave happen. You are strong. And we are stronger together. We won’t let the third wave happen. And we will emerge out of this victorious!