How To Handle Diabetes With Yoga?

How To Handle Diabetes With Yoga?

How To Handle Diabetes With Yoga?

What Is The Connection?

Let’s look at the reason behind diabetes first. A maximum number of people in India suffer from one disease or another. In the busy life that we live these days, having diseases has become something ubiquitous. What we don’t realize is the danger that these diseases bring with them. We don’t understand the seriousness until and unless one of our family members faces high ups and downs. Most of these diseases are a result of the unhealthy habits. This life has brought with it stress and anxiety as a significant companion. To cope with this stress, people turn to some bad habits like smoking and drinking.

Did you think all of these habits don’t affect you? Well, everyone sees the effects on health eventually. Some such common diseases include high blood pressure, knee pain and joint pain, migraine, stress disorders, arthritis and many more. Many people in India don’t even know mental disorders in detail. But there’s one disorder that we all know very well. Reason 101 behind this would be how common it has become nowadays. Yes, we are talking about diabetes.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes caused due to unstable sugar levels in the blood. The sugar is nothing but Glucose. The food we eat forms this glucose. To make it simple, let’s go step-by-step. The food we eat converts itself into blood glucose or blood sugar as we know it. Glucose is nothing but a House of energy that helps your body to work throughout the day. If you had paid attention to your science lessons during school, you would understand what we are about to explain. The pancreas plays a significant role in the disease of diabetes. The insulin is formed inside the pancreas. Insulin is the hormone that helps convert Glucose that will help you seize the day.

Now that we know how and what diabetes is, it’s essential to know the seriousness it brings with it. Diabetes can be lethal if not taken proper care of the patient. It is essential to take care of people around you who have diagnosed this disease. The first thing you can do is have proper control over your diet. With it, try and avoid sugar as much as possible. But at times, this doesn’t seem to be enough. In addition to this, one can choose yoga as a form to keep diabetes under control.

Following are some of the asanas that can help one with diabetes:


Surya namaskar is also called as salutations offered to the Sun. It is the most preferred form of Yogasanas that one can try To help with diabetes. The primary reason behind this would be the stretches that the twelve divisions of Surya namaskars bring with them. Most people use Surya namaskar as a warmup before starting other asanas under yoga. But just doing these 12 positions help to increase the blood circulation throughout the system. It gives all the necessary stretches to different parts of the body without any exertion on them.

2.The Triangle Pose:

The triangle poses is where one needs to have a good three to four feet of gap between both legs. The next thing you need to do is bend forward. Then try to touch the toes of your left foot with your right hand and vice versa. This pose is the most recommended post for people with diabetes. This post does the same work that Surya namaskar does. Doing both poses can prove highly beneficial to keep the blood sugar levels under control.


This pose the resting pose. It helps to calm down the body. Most people recommend doing this at the end of the entire yoga session. This asana helps not only your body but also your mind to relax deeply. At times people even go to sleep while practicing this pose. But there’s nothing wrong with sleeping. It just states that the asana has been successful in relaxing your body. It would be best to practice savasana after practicing the two poses mentioned above first.

These three poses recommended work best for patients with diabetes. It will help to keep the blood sugar levels under check. Even if you have any other disease, practicing just, these three poses can provide extra health benefits. One good thing about these poses is that one can easily practice them in the comfort of their houses. It becomes essential to note that these yoga asanas may look easy. But when done can prove difficult and even strain the body in the starting days. It is always advisable to learn yoga under a trained teacher first and then practice it.