Everything You Need To Know About Coronavirus?

Everything You Need To Know About Coronavirus?

Everything You Need To Know About Coronavirus

Corona In General:

We will speak about all were the after-effects of coronavirus. Before we talk about that, there is something more important that we need to discuss. The condition that we as humans are going through right now is something very inevitable. There’s no single human who foresaw the future that we live in. The present that we live in is in no way different or less than a living hell. But The thing is that we have to live through it. No matter whatever the condition is, we got to do it. We can go through it either by being positive or constantly feeling negative about it.

When the first lockdown came in, all of us. Try to be as cheerful as possible and accepted the changes gracefully. There were some significant changes in how we used to work or how we used to exist as humans. There are hundreds of people who used to live away from their . Living in the small apartments available in cities to work. But the coronavirus somehow allowed people to live with their parents and family and still work from home. This is how we can look at the positive side of things. The things we have been witnessing since March in the year 2020.

Avoiding Coronavirus :

Since the time we got to know about the coronavirus. There have been numerous videos and guides available on the Internet and television to help people avoid the virus. There have been so many rumors, too, in the name of help and information. But by it, we know one thing definitely that efforts have been taken to avoid it from reaching us. Nonetheless, the virus did reach us and destroyed most of the families. To be precise, the first wave, or the initial stage of the corona, was still manageable . People word still trying to avoid it.

But when we talk about the second wave, it became a situation with people had to go to work inevitably. There was a time when businesses collapsed continuously, and people were relentless and helpness. No one was ever habitual to live in such close spaces for an extended period. As a result, there came a time wherein people were just done waiting for the coronavirus to go away. People were all set to go on revenge travel vacations. As they missed the actual ones that were already planned in the first half of 2020. And all of this behavior from the side of the public gave rise to a reckoning.

The Reckoning :

The reckoning was a witnessed at such a high pace . People worldwide washed away with the second wave of the coronavirus. In the first initial stage after the coronavirus, all these. Yes, there were just numbers that kept on increasing day by day. But when it came to the second wave, all these numbers changed into the names of people . People from each and everyone’s family and close circle. And this was the time when the coronavirus hit us at rock bottom. This was the moment when people realized that we have lost against the coronavirus.

But this is the time to realize that something has to be done to stop the third wave from becoming a reality. But there are talks around the world wherein people are saying that the third wave has already begun. And it is somewhere the truth because the number of cases again arises after a month or two of relaxation. And if this third wave becomes a reality, it will be a fight that will wipe out the human race. We need to fight against it until and unless we defeat it successfully. There is no other way possible out of this if we give up at such a crucial point.

What Can be Done?

So the first thing that we need to do and teach ourselves is the energy not to give up. Because half of the population has already given up in the fight against the coronavirus, but the other half also surrenders, survival would be difficult, and some of the symptoms are being seen right now. As a human race, we have faced such difficult situations several times if we look at our history. But our ancestors did not give up. and we want to. There have been several pandemics like the plague and polio, and many didn’t even get registered because they are so old.

But even with the bare minimum of technology available then, our ancestors had the power to survive through all of these pressures. So we should always look at the positive side of all the general things to us right now. We have the technology to work from home right now, which seems like a dream come true for many people. People in their 20s and 30s always dreamt I was giving exams from their home when they were kids. But then, this seemed just like an impossible dream back then. But if we look today, it is a booming reality.

Together We Can:

Technological advancements allow us to be connected with everyone, however far they are. Just imagine that the pandemic is going on, and you cannot even hear the voice of your loved one who is far, far away from you. How tensed and worried would you be if you don’t know anything about them and their health. At times your mind even gets you to question whether they are alive or not. But thank God, when the coronavirus came in, we as humans have already advanced to a level wherein we can connect virtually to each other. This is nothing but a blessing to us as a human race during the coronavirus.

We know that many positive articles have already been put up about coronavirus and you Are now just done with it. Because trust us even we are because even the writers who write these articles are humans, and we are all down with the coronavirus. No one has the energy to fight with it individually. We are all exhausted from inside now. People on the roads are protesting to open the shops and are ready to risk their lives to feed their family dinner. But this is the most crucial time when we have to understand and have the most patience.

Coronavirus Can Be Defeated:

It is time we all realized that time is, in fact, the hardest when we compare it to March 2020. but these are the times when we have to remember the old saying that the night is the darkest just before dawn breaks. We need to have faith in each other and the universe that we will survive through this together. And if we take all the measures that are being suggested very carefully and religiously, there is a high chance that we can avoid the third wave from becoming a reality. It will only become a reality when we carelessly start traveling again and lose our patience.

But on the other hand, if we believe that together we can do this, no force can stop us from defeating the coronavirus. Now there will be some people who would say that this is all just philosophical motivational stuff. But no, it is a factual reality that coronavirus can be defeated at the cases zero down to what they were in the start. And this can be done only with the support of the citizens who would take up their responsibilities very seriously. We have always read about how we have specific duties to our nation as citizens. This is the time when the government calls for your support.

Follow The Habits To Keep Coronavirus At Bay:

And to do your responsibility correctly, all you need to do is continue doing what you were doing in March 2020. people used to take their responsibilities very seriously during the initial stages of coronavirus. What if we do it again? Just one more time to save other nations and become free of this virus. It won’t be a big deal; trust us, if you see the positive results, you will get your motivation to continue it. All you need to do it’s started doing them again, repeat it once, and then one more time again. as soon as you see what results in your efforts individually can bring, you will be convinced.

Now we can tell you all the things you should do to keep the coronavirus at Bay, but as we mentioned, we know that there have been several articles already printed about it, and you know all the knowledge about what needs to be done. But then this is the time better some new instructions are given, and you follow them. We cannot make it a compulsion for people to follow it, but we can always list it down in this article. It is total uponto you if you think that these would be helpful, you can turn in to follow them as you want.

Some Things To Follow To Keep Coronavirus At Bay:

· Do Not Believe In Rumours :

The first and most important thing you need to do is to avoid all the false information put up on some applications over the Internet. Because people have a habit of not verifying the information but forward it to other people. As a result, wrong information start being circulated, and people have to pay for this false information with some parts of their health.. and this is something unacceptable. So believe only in what your doctors say and only follow what is given in the news and verified articles.

· Meditate Regularly:

The one thing that coronavirus has made very difficult is the well-being of our mental health—many people I’ve seen and witnessed many mental health problems during the coronavirus pandemic. So to maintain the well-being of your mental health, meditate regularly. Try to do physical exercises as much as possible. But missing physical activities once or twice a week wouldn’t do much harm. But look into it that you meditate every day, even if it is for five minutes.

· Talk To People:

We know and understand that talking to people is not the ultimate form of therapy. People always need to visit a psychologist or a psychiatrist to get treated for the mental illness they are suffering from. But at times when that is not available during a quarantine, one thing you can do is try to connect them through call. Try talking to people and be as positive as you can so that people open up to you and speak wholeheartedly. Because keeping things in your mind for a long time can prove to be troublesome in the future.

We suppose this information would be enough for you, along with a new lookout towards the coronavirus. The fight is not yet over, and we shouldn’t surrender. Motivation can be hard at this time, but giving up can cost a lot more. We know you have it in you to follow the things needed to do on an individual level!