Can Strict Dieting Be Harmful To Health?

Can Strict Dieting Be Harmful To Health?

Can Strict Dieting Be Harmful To Health?

Dieting Is Not Always Healthy

Let’s look at the reasons behind dieting first. Our society has raised us to be conscious. To be conscious about everything that we own or we possess. And the members within this society have a habit to put up their opinions. There is no issue with people putting up their opinions. We all live in a democracy and are allowed to put forward our opinions and thoughts. But the only issue is these opinions coming uninvited. The problem is when people try to put up opinions about someone else’s life or body. The issue is discussing another individual’s bodytype. The issue is these opinions harming the mental health of another individual. Democracy gives us all the right to speak. But it does point out that these opinions should never harm others.

Why Are We Talking About Opinions Here?

Opinions create an impact On people. Our society speaks about limited things. The things for which they have set their standards. And out of all these things, we as a society have some favourites too. Our topmost priority is talking about people’s bodies. Talking about how healthy or curvy an individual is. talking about how skinny someone is . And we wouldn’t stop with these questions. We have some more additions to it. We go ahead and connect these body conditions with health conditions. connecting health conditions without any proof and spreading rumours about the same is wrong. And connections with health are not a problem as these are natural things. But talking about these in a demeaning way is definitely wrong.

The reason most people choose to diet Is because of these opinions. Some take up diets in order to lose weight. While others do the same to gain weight. But there’s a minority of less than 10% who chooses diet to be fit. This is the reason we need to put up the message first. Dieting is OK. But only when you want to do it for yourself. For your health and your fitness. Choosing a diet plan to shut people up is not the remedy. There’s no need to live up to society’s fake beauty standards. The way you are is beautiful. And let no one else convince you about anything else other than this.

Now Getting To Diet Plans

So now that we have clear terms, we may look towards dieting. Dieting is simple terms means you pay more attention to what goes inside your body. Because in today’s busy life, we tend to eat what our routine allows. Or if we get some time, we look towards food items that please our taste buds. But rarely do we have time to pay attention to nutrition. And this very imbalance the results in unhealthy body conditions.

The only issue is when people try to make changes in a short period. People do not have the patience to see the results. Due to this, they choose extremely difficult diets. There are two things that happen as a result of this. The first is a lack of consistency. When you have a strict diet, the chances of you following it are next to zero. Because humans cannot adapt to sudden change, they cannot maintain it for a long time even if they do.

No Sudden But Gradual Changes Always Work

There’s a reason why it is said to give time to everything. Because time is what allows improvement to happen, make changes in your diet plans gradually. Only then will you be able to follow it as planned. The second reason would be harshness on your body . Your body’s main task is to take care of you. And so are you expected to take care of it. So, if you choose way too extreme plans, you are bound to harm your body.

Our elders sometimes give the best life pieces of advice in the most subtle ways. This is the time we pay attention to it. And as advised, not try extremes in anything. Here we are talking not just about dieting. This thing applies to everything in this universe. In case you haven’t got your lesson we have a recent example for you. How about this sudden change in millions of lives. Ahaa! You guessed it right! We are talking about the pandemic. And well, the changes it brought along. And we are definitely sure that none of us is in favor of these sudden changes . So, always remember To let things happen at their own pace.

Extreme Dieting Can Affect Your Overall Health Condition. Some Of The Things That Extreme Dieting Can Result Into Are:

An extreme diet can sometimes mean cutting off essential proteins and vitamins too. And this can result in weakness. A diet is done in order to become healthier. But if it makes you weak, you are definitely on the wrong track. So make sure while you plan your diet to include all that is necessary.

    Hair Loss:

So you think weakness won’t affect other body parts and your overall health? No, weakness means each part of your body is yearning for more nutrition. And the first thing it would result into is greater hair fall.Our hair needs enough blood circulation to look healthy and stay intact. So please think about your hair before you move on with planning some extreme diets.

Reverse Reaction:

Now you would definitely have a question in your mind. What does reverse reaction mean here? The reverse reaction is what you will do exactly after getting into two to three days of an extreme diet plan. Due to a change and absence of foods of your choice, you will break the Diet plan. And after this, you’ll move ahead to have greater amounts of the foods you are supposed to avoid. The reverser reaction means being a rebel against your diet plan. And trust us, this sounds funny right now. But it is the harsh reality of humans to be a rebel when they are disappointed.

 The only thing your body needs is a balanced diet. It is always best to visit a nutritionist or a dietitian before starting any diet plan. They are here to help you with this.Your dietitian will help you include all the carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins necessary for your body. So make sure that you always follow a balanced diet plan.

There are three other things that you need to keep in mind:

The first one is to be consistent. Follow the prescribed diet plan Regularly. Be patient with yourself. Change always takes time and demands patience.
Before taking up a diet plan. While following the prescribed diet plan. Or after having successful or unsuccessful results. You were , are and will always be beautiful. So, love yourself a lilltle more through it all!