What’s up, guys, and welcome to our new blog. Your daily habits have a huge influence on how your skin looks. They can either help you get clear skin and prevent wrinkles or lead to impure skin acne and even premature ageing and the purpose of today’s blog is to show you the most common bad habits that are destroying your skin.

Bad habits that destroy your skin

This blog should help you become aware of those habits to protect your skin so. If you want to know which bad habits you should avoid getting perfect skin, definitely watch this blog until the end. 

1. Exposing your skin to the sun [Not using SPF]

Exposing your skin to the sun and not using an SPF factor the sun is the biggest enemy for your skin a consistent exposure to the sun can lead to dry skin pimples dark spots and can even increase the risk of getting skin cancer as well, and that’s why it is some point that you always protect your skin from it especially if you’re living in an area where the sun is mostly shining my recommendation would be to buy a cream that already contains an sp effector but of course, make sure that the SPF factor is at least 30 or higher so that you can protect your skin very important guys I cannot say it also enough make sure that you avoid sun exposure especially when the sun is at its highest point

2. Not changing pillowcase or towel often enough

Let’s continue with the next bad habit, only changing your pillowcase or towel once per month. Keep in mind you’re spending the whole night with your face on your pillowcase. Suppose you’re not changing it often enough. In that case, a lot of bacteria will accumulate on it and therefore can clog your pores and lead to pimples and, of course, the same applies to your towel, and also you need a towel that is only for your skin and one that is only for your body so don’t use a towel for your face and your body at the same time besides that also measure that you change it often enough so that it won’t lead to pimples in your face. 

3. Using too many products a once

Let’s continue with the next one using too many products at once. A major mistake that I did when I was younger was applying too many products at once. I thought that when I used more and different products that it would help me to get rid of pimples way faster, but I can say in reality, it just made it worse, and one day I realized it and only focused on one or two high-quality products, and my skin directly became 10 times better from there on I rarely struggle with pimples or other impurities so instead of using many products at –  

once focus on one to two high-quality products, for example

One moisturizer and one eye cream and very simple for washing your face use cold water try it out for the next 30 days and see how much better your skin will get 

4. Consuming too many dairy products 

Consuming too many dairy products are packed full of hormones which can lead to hormonal imbalance, and as a result of that, you will struggle with pimples and even acne, and this is not just made up by me a lot of people experienced how much better their skin looked when they stopped consuming dairy products also in today’s world there are tons of substitutes from almond milk to coconut milk, and I promise you they’re much better for your skin and your health as well but still make sure if you buy a substitute that you check the ingredients and only buy one that doesn’t contain any added sugar because sugar also harms your skin 

5. Not to wash your face directly after working out

Not wash your face directly after you have finished your workout. Typically you’re sweating when you’re working out, and device red can clog your pores which will even lead to pimples, and that’s where you should always wash your face directly after you’re finish your workout. Trust me; if you go to the gym very often and you also struggle with impure skin, this will be a game-changer 

6. Having a bad diet with a lot of sugar and processed fat

Let’s continue with the next one having a bad diet with a lot of sugar and processed fat. You are what you eat, and if you eat a lot of sugar and process fat, your body tries to get rid of it by using your skin. Therefore, it is very likely that you will struggle with pimples and impure skin. Your Diet has such a big impact on your skin, so please do not underestimate it very simple 

Bad Diet = Bad Skin

If your Diet is bad, your skin will likely look bad this way, so focus on the Diet with plenty of fresh fruits vegetables, and I promise you your skin will get better 

7. Always being stressed

Always being stressed stress is one of the worst enemies for every human beside making us feel bad it will also lead to health issues and even can affect our skin as well most of us have been in the situation where we have an important event the next day, and then we get a big pimple in our face and let me tell you this is mostly related to stress if you feel stressed your body is out of balance and therefore will respond with for example pimples.

So if you want to get the perfect skin make sure that you have your stress under control. Implement anti-stress methods into your day like, for example, meditation or working out and also take your breaks serious this will help you to avoid stress and also handle every stressful situation. Yeah, that’s it for today’s blog. Hopefully, you found some value.