Hello, friends welcome, This is a 25-minute workout for runners, so these are some of the best things you can do after running or even after a workout. The whole body has such a good flow. You do not need to have a yoga mat; If you are amazing, make sure you have a soft, cushioned surface, a rug or mat, but then we also work on it and start leaning this workout forward so that your feet are hip-width apart.


Start workout – Then we move the right foot to the left, with a gentle bend in the right knee and our left leg straight as possible. As you move your head and neck forward, soften your shoulders and begin to breathe and exhale through your nose. Concentrate on feeling a stretch in the back of the thigh muscle or leg band, and then relax.


Take a few more deep breaths and come back when you turn, lift your left hand and put your right fingers down, and if you can not reach the ground, you can let your fingers float here. Exhale once, we are going to change from the crotch, the right foot comes behind the left foot, and a gentle bend in front of the knee and your right leg stays straight forward, soften your torso and concentrate on your Breath What your left fingers bend, reach your right hand again and exhale slowly as you bring your right hand back, your feet hip-width apart, come into a tearing position, bring your hands to the opposite elbows, bend your knees here and rest your torso on your feet. this workout work for runners.


You can swing from side to side. It workout feels good, or you can lower the silence evenly through your legs. can see, breathe two more rounds and then watch your hands inhale to half, the flat light on your back turns the gaze, we do two more times, inhale to half up and exhale, exhale, exhale, inhale this time, come up and lift the arms and then we hold the left inner tubes while pulling on the left side, Insert the right wrist through the spine.

And then later exhale to the left, feet waving dew, inhale to the right, inhale, come back with the right finger, take the left wrist and then bend to the right to come up and then the fingers behind your back Bend, chest open, arms out to the sides Squeeze shoulder blades together, knees bent as you bend forward Breath from the hips, relax head and stretch shoulders and chest with your last inhalation Feel, release hands slowly on the mat, return to a plank position as you step back your feet, place your shoulders over wrists and then start shifting your weight back and forth As you twist the toes, hold your core tight and keep your knees under your belly rib.


Shoulders, elbows inhaling to your back, baby cobra or upward bending of the dog, your choice, exhale, let go of the plant, put your hands down, insert the hind legs, dog’s come under the hips, lift the root evenly with the hands and feet and then bend your right knee from here and pull the left straight leg so that we protrude the back of the calves, breathe again and then bend from the sides to the left knee, and keep the right leg straight, maybe look under the right cavity and then we do this on each arm lean forward and bend straight into the right knee

The left foot looks again under the left arm and then switch back to the straight dog, take in both legs, reach the right leg with three legs in the air and then bend the knee When you open your hip, rest your right hip snugly on your left hip, then pull the right leg straight, step forward and fall in a low fall, lower your back knee, to change this change Keep fingers on G.


Concentrate on push your hips to the ground and feel the voo extending from the side of your left hip, that your hip flex or bends your chest, come back to your Breath, take two more breaths here and let us in. Right leg half straight, adjust right leg so that the hips are square, keep a subtle bend in the right knee and keep your leg bent so that the toes point in the air from here if you can pull your right toes up and down. right leg. Back so that you get an even deeper stretch in your right calf muscle, and then relax the upper body forward while feeling the thigh muscle stretch as you inhale into the abdomen with your next Breath, slowly.


  1. Here is another variation if you want to stay on the outside. You can move to the forearm if you want, so listen to your body where you see your edge. Stay here for about 30 seconds, so soften the stretch and try to breathe during your next Breath, lift your gaze, climb on your hands, lower your right leg and then bring your right leg aside mat, place your back toes below your knee
  2. Your back knee come in fighter two so you can lift yourself completely. Parallel, gentle flexion in your front knee and your arms outstretched against your palm, your weight behind, your left hand is coming to the hind leg, breathing to the right side of the triangular body, straight, right leg, your right arm. Prepare to move to one side, either to your shins or to the mat, which takes a few more breaths to your left arm. left arm goes over the long road to your mat
  3. Then to your right. Keep the leg straight, bend at your left knee, point to the toes of the right heel and place your hands in front of you to get more support that can support the thigh muscles. Stretch the thighs and Breath in if you can while on your mat to get the inner thigh muscles.


We turn to the back of the mat and see a low turn, right arm coming down, your left arm coming in, from here we come into a diagonal square rack so that your left arm extends to your right leg. On the left side, if it is not accessible to you, you can get up and then reach your right hand over your right foot, find a slightly different variation of a square piece and move with your outer hip, wherever you are. hook closer, hold it around your hips. Please take a few more deep breaths, let go of your hind leg slowly;

We come in a downward dog, step back your left foot to meet your right foot. Lift the body back a few times as you breathe, Then exhale, come back and look down, inhale here on your next exhale, lift the left leg. Bend your knee and open your hip so that the left hip rests on the right hip so that even the weight in the hands straightens the left leg and then forward so that you can fall into a common fall. bend your gaze and bend your chest and focus on your inhalation and the left half as you exhale.


Lift the knee, bend the hips into a square, and keep your front leg bent if you can pull it with your left hand to the top of your toes, and pull it back a little and feel the stretch at the back of the left leg. back to your lower back. Exhale, stretch your front leg forward, press the hips and then enter the lizard, and the left arm enters – the left leg, on the outside of the mat against the left foot. While the toe is planted, roll the outer edge of your left foot and then click here to stay on your hands or move to the forearm, we will be here for 30 seconds.

Try to relax the upper body and, with your next Breath, breathe in the left hip and lower slowly. lift your left foot in the middle of the mat. Hold the right leg straight in a triangle of K. The left arm comes down. The right arm reaches, takes a second breath, Gandasana, the right arm bends to bend one end of the mat your right knee. This time, your left leg can stay straight with the left heel pointing in the air, hands on the ground.


Support and then turn this time to the front of your mat, turn to our low turn, left plant down, on quad Reach your right hand above, reach your right hand for the back of your left foot or reach your left arm around your leg, so determine workout variation works best for you and catch another breath here Breath in and then let go of your last Breath slowly with control, letting go of your leg. If you put your hands up this time, we take a wider forward.

Going to get to the workout, so look at the long paths of your mat, bring your toes in and little hips a little high, and then you can do the guy forward from here, fixing the crown of your head your fingers behind your back, arms press the shoulder blades together and reach the arms and feel the stretch in the muscles of the shoulders, chest and back of the thigh with your next Breath, lift your hands slowly halfway off the mat, press your back flat and exhale, turn your head and release tension in your upper body


Then lift your gaze and turn your feet towards each other when you are ready, start to straighten, squat in a squat position, and then we come to the butterfly and bring the soles of the feet together, knees wide through the spine, bringing our hands up to our ankles. Or, if you inhale over your legs as you exhale, lean forward and rest your upper body on top of your feet.


Due to physical stress in your body, use your Breath to move to your next inhalation, slowly lift your gaze and then come into a sitting position with a sacrum, bring your hands over your knees and start working out your neck when the head moves in any direction, then track the circles in slow motion so that the shoulders stay heavy and relaxed and then change the direction of your circles if you want to bring your head back to the middle, and we get a little stretch with the arms so wide apart

Extend the left arm over the body and hook it while your right arm stretches a triceps again, keep the shoulders relaxed, the arms wide and then the right arm extends over the body and the left-hand hook your arms wide out, take one last big Breath, put arms over your palms, hand out your heart, end in gratitude our exercise or workout with many thanks, try this workout at home, and I hope you have a wonderful day.